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The words to the songs of Michael Hurley
Paroles des chansons de Michael Hurley

"In the late 70s we’d drift about anywhere to go see him. We were always
rewarded with spectacular songs and rural tales of Bucks County or Vermont’s Insanity Belt, all wound through some of the most addictive low-energy music ever played... Every goddamn one of these songs tells at least a couple of stories. And each fits snugly into Doc Snock’s pocket universe."
(from Byron Cioley’s Introduction)

Cover drawing by Michael Hurley,
cover typographic design by Kiva Tanya Stimac.
19 Songs calligraphed by the author.

Introduction by Byron Coley.
Bilingual edition, translated by Marie Frankland.

Hand-stitched by Julie Doucet.
48 pages. Format 5.75mm x 7.75mm.
Published by L'Oie De Cravan, Canada
June 2011